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Introducing Bloom Toddler Classes

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Introducing Bloom Toddler Classes

Having to say goodbye to the children that become too old for Bloom Baby Classes is never easy,
which is why we are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of Bloom Toddler Classes. Especially
for children aged between 14 months to three years, our toddler classes provide us with an
opportunity to expand our business, whilst further helping our existing little ones to develop.
“Adding sessions for older children, from aged 14 months to three years, has always been a goal of
mine,” explained Victoria, our founder and director. “Initially, I felt this may come later down the
line, but – just six years after launching – the desire to continue the classes beyond one year from
existing parents is so high that we knew we would need to put this into action before the end of the
year. From a personal perspective, being able to offer more of our time and experience to our
wonderful parents is going to be very rewarding and, in terms of rates of growth for the business,
this is going to have a significant impact on our market share. It’s a win-win and a very exciting time
for the franchise.”

Sophie Nixon, 29, will be launching Bloom Toddler Classes – the first of its kind – in Northumberland in the new year, following taking part in her franchisee training this autumn. The married mum-of one, who started teaching for Bloom Baby Classes in Northumberland after having her daughter, Maia, is over the moon to be joining the Bloom international franchise network.

bloom baby classes teacher Sophie in action

“It’s an honour to be a part of Bloom Baby Classes – and to launch the first ever toddler sessions has
been such a ‘pinch me’ moment,” said Sophie. “I’ve been so inspired by Victoria and her
determination to build a brand based on the wellbeing and support of new parents, like I was two
years ago. As soon as I attended my first Bloom session with Maia back in 2020, I knew this was
where I wanted to be. Working for the franchisee at Northumberland, Jen has been an absolute joy,
and I’m so excited to launch my new business in the same community as her. She’s an incredible
person who really has been my mentor – her success, determination and the way she runs her
franchise has given me the courage to follow in her footsteps. I also feel extremely blessed to be
able to continue the development of the same little ones that I taught as babies as they carry on
their toddler journey!

toddlers at bloom toddler classes

“Before coming across Bloom, I was a beauty therapist and worked long hours in a department
store. Part of the motivation for joining the Bloom family when I did was to spend more time with
my daughter and my husband, Callum. I now have the work-life balance I always craved but my own
credible business too. I’m excited to see what the future has in store.”
For more information about investment opportunities with Bloom Baby Classes, visit

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