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How to connect your baby with nature

connect your baby with nature

As we start enjoying the lovely warmer weather, it goes without saying that you’ll be spending more time with your little one in the great outdoors.

Whether this is their first summer to explore the garden, or you’re planning your first family trip to the beach, there are so many opportunities for your little bundle to connect with nature. At Bloom Baby Classes, we are real believers in the importance of letting your child learn and grow through exploring their natural surroundings, so we have pulled together three top tips for how you can connect your baby with Mother Earth!

1. Take a second to listen

Fascinatingly, the parts of a baby’s brain that process sound actually start working during the last few months of pregnancy, and they can even remember what they hear in the womb after they’re born. So never underestimate the power of sound on your baby’s development. Whilst it is far more tempting to take baby out on a day when there is not a cloud in the sky, we would definitely recommend getting out and about when the wind is slowly blowing a breeze through the grass and the trees. If it is not too chilly, take a few minutes to lay down on the grass with your little one and just let them take in the abundance of natural sounds.

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2. Encourage exploration

Take your baby on a visit to the park and collect a small selection of items for them to explore – pinecones, leaves and flowers are a great place to start. Notice how their senses come alive once they’re introduced to the new textures and smells. And for older children, set up a nature scavenger hunt for them – challenge them to collect as many items on a list as possible and tell you what they are!

connect your baby with nature
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3. Take a trip to the zoo

There is nothing quite like baby’s first trip to the zoo! And little ones stand to gain so much from a day spent with animals and other creepy crawlies. Pop them in their stroller and try and fit in as many animal visits as possible – especially any that play in the water, as children from as young as just a few months old love the sights and sounds of animals splashing around. The most important thing to remember about connecting your baby with nature is that every day is a learning adventure! A simple walk around the block or some tummy time in the garden counts towards their early education in connecting with Mother Earth, so get outside with your family as often as you can.

how to connect your baby to nature by bloom baby classes

For more top tips, or to find out more about our specialist baby development sessions, contact us at enquiries@bloombabyclasses.com or call us on 08004647960.

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