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10 New Franchisees Join Bloom Toddler Classes

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A network that is blooming – 10 new franchisees join Bloom Toddler Classes

Since mother of three, Victoria Jennings, launched Bloom Baby Classes in 2017, the franchise has grown exponentially. A network of teachers whose shared goal is to see children thrive, Bloom Baby Classes has almost doubled its number of franchisees in two years – growing from 38 members in 2020 to 68 in September 2022. With goals to recruit 17 more teachers by the end of the year, and to reach over 100 franchisees by the end of the first quarter of 2023, the franchise is well on track to achieve even more success. In fact, 10 new franchisees joined just this last month in preparation to launch their own Bloom Toddler Classes.

“The classes will act as a follow-on from our baby classes

and will be especially for children aged 15 months and over, with teachers guiding little ones as they become more mobile and independent,” says Victoria. “The demand for toddler classes across the UK is growing, so it’s the perfect time to expand our franchise – we hope this new channel will lead to even higher revenue and growth within both businesses.

“We’re also looking to expand the toddler classes globally, launching the new model in Qatar next year. After visiting earlier this year, this launch is now in progress and will be live from January 2023 – the same time as the 10 UK toddler territories. Bloom Toddler Classes will be the first of its kind in Qatar, where there are currently very few opportunities for parents and new babies to socialise. We’re confident launching this sister company will help both developing toddlers and their parents, making a difference in the UK and overseas.”

Holly Stepien, the owner of multiple Bloom Baby franchise

locations including Stockport South and Bolton, co-founded Bloom Toddler Classes alongside Victoria. Having only just celebrated her first anniversary this summer, Holly is thrilled at the transformation the franchise has created in her life.

“The support I’ve received from the Bloom team since I started has been brilliant. I’ve recently been shortlisted as the Most Loved Baby Activity Leader in the What’s On 4 Kids Awards and this is a testament to how much my business has grown in just one year thanks to Bloom.

“Victoria has supported me since day one. Going into business with her to launch Bloom Toddler Classes is an incredible next step to be taking, especially just one year into my franchise journey. In utilising Bloom’s franchise model and my skills, we have created a fantastic service for toddlers and their parents – I’m very excited to share this next chapter with the UK and beyond next year.”

The first class will be launched in Northumberland by Sophie Nixon at the end of this year. After attending a Bloom Baby Class in October 2020, Sophie knew the business was where she wanted to be. Sophie first joined as a teacher at the beginning of 2021, working for an expanding franchisee. Following her franchisee training this Autumn, Sophie will launch the new sister company in time for the festive season, becoming one of the first people to launch the new toddler-focused franchise.

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“It’s an honour to be a part of Bloom Baby Classes – and to launch the first toddler session is such a ‘pinch me’ moment,” said Sophie. “I’ve been so inspired by Victoria and her determination to build a brand based on the wellbeing and support of new parents, helping those new to parenthood like I was two years ago. Working for the franchisee at Northumberland has been an absolute joy, and I’m so excited to launch my new business in this same community – it provides me with the opportunity to continue the development of the same little ones that I taught as babies.

“Before coming across Bloom, I was a beauty therapist and worked long hours in a department store. Part of the motivation for joining the Bloom family was to spend more time with my daughter and my husband. With the network’s support, I was able to become a teacher and now I am launching my very own franchise! Demand for the first sessions in Northumberland has already exceeded our initial projections but I know Bloom will continue to support me throughout my journey. I’m excited to see what the future has in store for Bloom Toddler Classes.”

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