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Meet the teacher – Nicole Longdin
Bloom Baby Classes, Huddersfield South

Nicole from Bloom Baby Classes Huddersfield

Meet the teacher – Nicole Longdin

At Bloom, we want to make sure no parent feels alone as they navigate the first few years of their little one’s life. This is why today we are so excited to introduce you to the brilliant Nicole Longdin, owner of Bloom Baby Classes in Huddersfield South, whose goal is to make every parent and baby in her class feel welcomed and supported. As the mum of an autistic little boy, Nicole works hard to ensure her classes are inclusive, brimming with that all-important Bloom community magic!

Nicole from Bloom Baby Classes Huddersfield

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi! My name is Nicole and I’ve just turned 30! I’m originally from Manchester, but I now live in
Oldham. I’m married and I have two little ones – an almost 5-year-old son, Joey, and an almost 2- year-old daughter, Indie. I’ve been with Bloom since 2021 when I began teaching the Oldham classes!

How did you come across Bloom Baby Classes?

I’d just had my youngest, Indie, and I was looking for baby classes in the area – it just so happened that Bloom Baby Classes were launching in Oldham! I came across Bloom on Facebook, and the community aspect of the classes inspired me to give the sessions a go.
I started attending with Indie in June 2021 when she was around 8 weeks old – and I’ve never looked back! I had been to what felt like every baby class under the sun, but Bloom was the only one where we weren’t considered just a number. The teachers and fellow parents were invested in Indie and her development, and I could see what a huge difference the classes were making – when I put the Bloom music on at home she’d clap along or pick up a shaker – things she hadn’t learnt in any other class.


Why did you decide to become a Bloom Baby teacher?

I really wanted to find my dream job, something that didn’t feel like work because I was having so much fun, but something that would also fit in with my home life with two young children. As I had been attending the Bloom sessions with Indie, I knew the transformative effects the classes had on both the little ones and the parents, which I thought was truly amazing. One day, an advert to become a Bloom teacher for Oldham popped up on my social media feed, and I grabbed the opportunity with both hands. I came to love teaching the Bloom classes so much that I decided to launch my own territory in Huddersfield, so that even more families could experience the magic of Bloom!

What’s the best thing about being a Bloom Baby Classes teacher?

For me, it’s meeting likeminded mums. As a mum and member of the class, having this community of support was the best thing as a new parent. Now, as a teacher, my favourite thing is returning this encouragement, helping the mums who attend classes navigate early parenthood. I love creating a safe space for these parents every week – somewhere they’re not judged; where they can relax and focus on bonding with their little ones. I’ve made so many great friends with mums I went to classes with – and even mums that come to my classes. The support at Bloom is one of a kind, and it’s my mission to make sure no parent ever feels lonely. They can attend my classes for a rant or for encouragement, all whilst their baby improves their development.

What are your hobbies and interests?

My little boy, Joey, is autistic, so we try and do a lot of fundraising and advocating for autism
through his school – it’s so important to me that kids everywhere are included throughout their childhood! My little ones are very outdoorsy, so we like going on big treks and discovering new parks with Indie on our back! As a family, we love exploring different zoos and all kinds of outdoor areas.

To find out more about our specialist baby development sessions, contact us at
enquiries@bloombabyclasses.com or call us on 0800 4647960.

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