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Our Baby Classes

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multi -award winning sensory baby classes


Caterpillar Club

As a gentle introduction to baby development our activities provide the support and expert advice on how to aid the development of younger babies. Caterpillar Club is an introductory baby class for babies 0-6 months.

Activities in this baby class focus on promoting the physical development of younger babies, from strengthening neck and tummy muscles to first rolls.  Each class ends in a gentle Bloom Baby Massage to leave baby relaxed and ready for a nice long nap.

Watch your baby gaze in delight at our bespoke bright props.  With a different theme each week to treasure memories for babies first most important year of life. Each baby class ends in a gentle baby massage to relax baby and prepare them for a nice long nap.


Suitable for babies from six months to mobile.

A highly interactive musical baby class class where we focus on babies growing confidence with the big wide world.  Encouraging both fine and gross motor skills, teaching body awareness and stimulating your baby’s perception of sounds with our fun range of songs and activities.  At theme time your baby gets to explore our fun range of bright props and exciting heuristic treasure baskets whilst developing their social skills with fellow Bloom babies! Our Busy bees baby class is suitable for babies from 6 months to walking or 15m..

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Bloom Toddler Classes

Finally after years of demand for a follow on programme for our Bloom Baby Classes Bloom Toddler Classes is here.  Fun and engaging activiies for toddlers and preschoolers.

A fresh new take on a toddler and preschool class for children from walking to four years of age.  At our classes for toddlers and preschoolers children have fun learning new skills to prepare them for nursery and reception.

With our own bespoke music including a phonics song, numbers song and calming zen track our back to back activities for toddlers aid development and focus on first early learning goals.

Bloom Baby Classes

Award winning baby classes created by   founder Victoria Jennings, a mum of 3 and early years expert.  

Activities focus on encouraging the physical development, body awareness and gross and fine motor skills of little ones.

Each actvitiy is set to our own highly researched specially created music that has been composed  to aid early language skills.  As a mum herself who suffered from post natal depression after the birth of her first child Victoria wanted to create a set of classes for babies that helped other parents navigate their role into parenthood.  With smaller welcoming classes Victoria has now built a franchise network of almost 100 franchisees who share her passion for supporting parents wellbeing.