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World Photo Day

baby laughing captured for world photo day

Fun photo ideas to explore with your little one for World Photo Day

At Bloom Baby Classes, we believe that every moment with your little one should be cherished.
From celebrational family gatherings to simply playing in the garden on a sunny afternoon, these
moments make for a happy childhood that both you and your little one will want to remember

What better way to capture these moments than through a photograph? With World Photo Day on
our doorstep, there’s no better time to take out the camera – whether it be a professional DSLR or
your phone’s camera – to snap that special moment.
World Photo Day is a relatively new concept, established in 2010 by professional photographer
Korske Ara to inspire people to take photos that mean something to them. So, what better
opportunity than this national day to take precious – and perhaps more creative! – photos of our
little ones. Below are just a few ideas of moments to capture this World Photo Day.

Capture the joy of laughter

It is said that one of life’s greatest joys is watching a child laugh, so why not capture this on camera?
You know best how to make your little one laugh but try making funny sounds and faces to get them
to grin, or tickle them gently under their armpits or on their tummy. Be mindful that newborns
usually don’t laugh out loud, but a smile or small giggle is just as precious!

baby laughing captured for world photo day

Have fun in nature

The look of wonder on your little one’s face when they are exploring somewhere new will be a sight
you will want to cherish forever. Be adventurous and head to the seaside or stay close to home and
have a gentle stroll through your nearest field – either way, your little one will find something awe-
inspiring! Just remember to take a friend or your partner with you to support your child whilst you
take the photo. If confidence is low, which is completely normal, have fun in the garden with props
such as bubbles or flowers.

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Get the whole family involved

Having a baby is a celebration to be shared, so why not get your little one’s siblings, other parent
and even your own parents involved – mixing and matching generations with the newest member of
the family is a great way to bring everyone together. If your little one’s big bother or sister isn’t
strong enough to hold the newborn, try placing them on a cushion, bed or beanbag and ask the
sibling to sit next to them and engage with the baby.
You could also play with proportions by asking an adult to cradle their tiny toes in their hands to
emphasise how little they really are!

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A sunlit moment

Golden hour is a perfect time to get a warm and homey photo of your little one. Utilising the soft
lighting that comes an hour before sunrise and an hour before sunset lets you capture those blissful
childhood years with a photograph. Or, opt for a sunny day and have fun with your child by playing
with shadow animals.

mother holding her child during the golden hour captured for world photo day

Although these ideas help you to have fun and capture creative moments with your baby, you don’t
always need props or additional people to capture a perfect moment. The bond between a mother
and child is beautiful enough as it is, so celebrate with a simple snap of this special bond. Remember
– the emotions behind the photo will always triumph a perfect shot.

For more top tips, or to find out more about our specialist baby development sessions, contact us at
mailto:enquiries@bloombabyclasses.com or call us on tel:0800 4647960.

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