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Welcome to Bloom Baby Classes Liverpool North, aid development at one of our sensory classes for babies

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bloom baby classes liverpool north


Hi, I am Lucy and I will be running Bloom classes across North Liverpool. 

I chose bloom as I loved attending Bloom baby group with my little girl, we started at just 4 weeks old. After a difficult pregnancy and my little girl having some trips to hospital in the early days, I was just desperate for some routine. The classes are perfect for new mums, zero judgement, time, space to relax and get tips about baby development along the way. I loved that the classes focused on maternal wellbeing and that Eleanor took time to remember not just my daughter’s name but mine too (I felt seen finally after lots of doctors’ appointments being referred to as mum). 

The sensory element of the classes meant that my daughter was stimulated from an early age, and I was confident in the class leader as each activity is explained clearly alongside how it aids the baby’s development. Bloom was my safe space in the early days navigating being a new mum in challenging circumstances. I look forward to bringing the same warmth and understanding to the North Liverpool area. 

My background is teaching and working with children of all ages, but I look forward to swapping the busy school corridors for coos of newborn babies. Bloom fits with my lifestyle as a new mum who wants to do the school runs and attend the plays and school sports days. I am so excited to meet you all!

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Bloom baby classes multi award winning baby development classes


fully trained and DBS Checked
makaton friendly
eyfs trained
multi award winning

Bloom baby classes multi award winning baby development classes


back to back activities
different theme each week
multi sensory baby classes

Bloom baby classes multi award winning baby development classes


small welcoming classes
friendly atmoshere
supporting post natal wellbeing

Supporting postnatal wellbeing

As part of our continued effort to support parents and post natal wellbeing we have created the Rainbow Parachute Project.

When booking onto a Bloom Baby Class class you will be asked if you are able to round up your total basket to the nearest pound or add a little more if you are able to.

All money raised will go to  post natal mental health charities across the UK, providing life saving telephone support and in person support groups where parents can share their experiences and get professional support from trained mental health specialists.

What Our customers say

Baby classes near me

We’ve just done our 3rd session and Archie has loved each one. He’s so content throughout each class and naps really well after! I really enjoy being there too. 😊

Rosie Wilcox

baby groups near me

A great musical and sensory experience! A different theme each week means there are always different props and variety. Our little one goes every week with his Grandma and always sleeps soundly after a class 🙂

Debbie Skylark Bennett