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Welcome to Bloom Baby Classes Georgia, aid development at one of our sensory classes for babies across Georgia

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Bloom baby classes georgia

Nino & Lika

Hi, my name is Nino. The idea of opening Bloom Baby Classes in Georgia fills my heart with excitement!

As a teacher of foreign languages by training, I have always been passionate about sharing knowledge, supporting young people, observing, and helping them to grow and evolve. Later, I discovered that working with little kids is the most enjoyable and rewarding for me.

Since I had my first child in the late 90s, I have immersed myself in self-education about the importance of early years’ support. But back then, when I was a young mom, educational materials, books, classes, or games were extremely limited.
So, I’d experiment with anything I could find. And it brought immense joy to see how some of the tips and techniques accelerated the development of my daughter – Anna and then my son – Luka.

I wish there had been something like Bloom Baby Classes when my kids were little!

I had always dreamed of enabling and empowering other mothers. And when I got the opportunity, I fulfilled my dream by opening a children’s shop in central London. This was a place where I provided educational and developmental toys, games, books for kids and organised events for families. The cause had always been very close to my heart, and I was proud to create a happy place for so many children and their parents. Igloo was our neighbourhood’s little gem for years. Until covid changed everything.

However, each change leads us to turning a new page. I’m a firm believer in closing one chapter and opening another one. I couldn’t believe my luck, when after long research with my lifelong friend and partner Lika, we came across Bloom Baby Classes and discovered that it’s possible to bring it to our home country.

I’m thrilled that after a year of hard work, we can open the door of Bloom Baby Classes in Tbilisi. We have created a friendly, fun, warm and colourful space for you. We are here to enrich the local community with our knowledge and enthusiasm. We are here to support new parents to raise smart, happy, and healthy children!

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Hi, I am Lika and I am extremely excited to be bringing Bloom Baby Classes to my hometown, Tbilisi. 

My background is originally in Dentistry. However, when I had my first child, who is now 25 ( time does fly indeed..) I decided to dedicate all my time to parenting. 

After Salome I had Giorgi, they are the most precious creatures in my life !

Motherhood has been the most fulfilling experience for me. However, because of personal circumstances I had to move countries and cities far away from home more than once. And at times I did feel isolated; Not having the support of my family physically close to me was quite challenging. That’s when I realised that having a community of mums and babies could be a lifesaver. 

My love for my kids and the challenges of parenting sparked my interest in psychology. This led me to pursuing a specialist diploma in Children’s Early Physical, Intellectual and Emotional development. Studying Pre-School Children’s Psychology was very helpful to support my own kids and give them what they needed to thrive. I found it fascinating to delve into learning about babies’ development and how parenting matters to their well-being. 

When I discovered Bloom Baby, my interest and passion in early childhood was rekindled. And I cheerfully enjoy the idea of introducing Bloom Baby classes to Georgia.

Our ambition is to create a safe, conducive, and friendly environment where parents and children can make memories together through laughter, joy and learning experience. Here you can share momentous events while being surrounded by bright colours and playful music. 

Bloom baby classes multi award winning baby development classes


fully trained and DBS Checked
makaton friendly
eyfs trained
multi award winning

Bloom baby classes multi award winning baby development classes


back to back activities
different theme each week
multi sensory baby classes

Bloom baby classes multi award winning baby development classes


small welcoming classes
friendly atmoshere
supporting post natal wellbeing

Supporting postnatal wellbeing

As part of our continued effort to support parents and post natal wellbeing we have created the Rainbow Parachute Project.

When booking onto a Bloom Baby Class class you will be asked if you are able to round up your total basket to the nearest pound or add a little more if you are able to.

All money raised will go to  post natal mental health charities across the UK, providing life saving telephone support and in person support groups where parents can share their experiences and get professional support from trained mental health specialists.

What Our customers say

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We’ve just done our 3rd session and Archie has loved each one. He’s so content throughout each class and naps really well after! I really enjoy being there too. 😊

Rosie Wilcox

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A great musical and sensory experience! A different theme each week means there are always different props and variety. Our little one goes every week with his Grandma and always sleeps soundly after a class 🙂

Debbie Skylark Bennett

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