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Welcome to Bloom Baby Classes Trafford and Eccles, aid development at one of our sensory classes for babies

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Hey Everyone!

My name is Jada and I live in Monton with my husband Steven, my daughter Yrsa and my two Chihuahua’s Minnie and Modi.

I am running Bloom with the help of my teacher Meloney and deciding to join bloom was the best decision I ever made!

Previously I was a Secondary School science teacher and although I loved spending every day making a difference to students lives, when I had my baby girl I developed a new passion. We have loved every term of Bloom and not just because of the incredible memories and development but also for my own mental health as a new mum who experienced a traumatic birth,

I’ve always loved babies, singing, dancing and just being a bit silly so when the time came to go back to work it seemed like the perfect fit for us. I handed my notice in, signed with Bloom and I’ve loved every moment.

Just watching your baby learn a new skill and their face light up with their favourite song every week. My goal is to make your classes as friendly and as comforting as possible. At Bloom Trafford & Eccles we make an extra effort to talk to you, make sure you’re feeling comfortable and we never mind when you come running in late with porridge in your hair! We just want you to enjoy that special time with baby in  judgement free zone.

Can’t wait to watch you and your little one Bloom xx 

Bloom baby classes multi award winning baby development classes


fully trained and DBS Checked
makaton friendly
eyfs trained
multi award winning

Bloom baby classes multi award winning baby development classes


back to back activities
different theme each week
multi sensory baby classes

Bloom baby classes multi award winning baby development classes


small welcoming classes
friendly atmoshere
supporting post natal wellbeing

Supporting postnatal wellbeing

As part of our continued effort to support parents and post natal wellbeing we have created the Rainbow Parachute Project.

When booking onto a Bloom Baby Class class you will be asked if you are able to round up your total basket to the nearest pound or add a little more if you are able to.

All money raised will go to  post natal mental health charities across the UK, providing life saving telephone support and in person support groups where parents can share their experiences and get professional support from trained mental health specialists.

What Our customers say

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Over the past 10 weeks we have loved going to Bloom. They couldn't of been more welcoming and definately made us feel at ease with everything going on at the minute. We have had so much fun every week, the different themes have been great ranging from bath time to the tiger who came for tea. I would definately recommend this class to anybody who is looking at taking their baby, we have both thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ana Cairns

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So glad I found Bloom! My son Harrison and I have done two terms now of Caterpillars and we absolutely love it, our favourite part of the week and just what we need at the moment with the madness in the world! The classes are so much fun, I love that there's a bit of everything and the different themes each week are great! I can see Harrison recognising the songs now and getting excited to be there. The Class Leader is amazing at what she does and has still made it work so well with all the safety measures. Can't wait to continue doing the classes over the coming months!

Hannah Bowker